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We built the App and developed the Administration service because we wanted to live in a happier and safer neighbourhood. We believe a good communication system is the foundation of a stronger, united neighbourhood. “United we Prosper”

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"The ability to connect on a trusted and organised communication platform is key to a neighbourhood’s success."

All members are vetted and or verified. Information is filtered and channelled to the right people, real-time. Learn more about how the whole system works.

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Know Your Neighbours!

Broadcasting an alert throughout the neighbourhood in seconds is key to any community's safety. Get connected, join the neighbourly movement today!

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Stay Informed. Protect yourself, your family and your neighbours.

Knowing your neighbour has your back is priceless. Being informed on local happenings brings the power back into your hand. Learn how you can be a part of something great, today!

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The Virtual Neighbourhood Watch

The Virtual Neighbour-hood Watch

Through our intel network, neighbours have helped local Law Enforcement officers make dozens of arrests in Claremont, Cape Town alone. Don’t underestimate a nosey and connected neighbour.

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This Is A Paid Membership Service

While the app is free to download on the app stores, the service rendered is not. Choose one of two plans, one being monthly (R95pm) and the other an annual plan (R950pa). Secure your Neighbourly Membership today!

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“United we Prosper.”

Each day, many neighbours are joining the ranks of those who can call themselves neighbourly. These neighbours are getting involved, be it patrolling, organising fun events to taking care of their parks and the neighbourhood in general. Will you be counted among the Neighbourly ones?

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